Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of Anglo-Argentinian parents, I have lived in London since the early 1980's, when I started working as a graphic designer for a firm of consulting Engineers and Architects.

In 1987 I opened my own studio and became a freelance, especialising in Beauy and Fashion photography.

In the 1990's, computers became accessible to everyone. I had studied computer systems at university back home: now I could combine my artistic side with the technology and let my imagination run wild. There were no more limits...

I have won several awards, including the Fuji Commercial Break, the South Bank Photo Show and the Pretty Polly Fashion Awards.

I have held joint exhibitions at the ICA, Royal Festival Hall, the Janus Avivson Gallery in Camden Town, London. I was also part of "Vaseline Bodies: a Celebration of Skin – The Six Senses", an exhibition at the Mission Gallery in Portobello, sponsored by Vaseline and Elle magazine and curated by Robin Dutt.

In early 2006, I was invited to participate and exhibit at the 4th International Fashion Photography Festival in Cannes. Consequently, I have exhibited there every year and I will do so again in the summer of 2014.


PHILOSOPHY (Excerpt from the book Pixel Surgeons by Martin Dawber)

Fashion in the 20th century was progressively perceived through make-believe photographic styling and expression. The public was directed to view the work of contemporary designers reflected through the eye of the camera. Marcelo Benfield dusts down this weighty history of captivating the viewer with his sensitive synthetic image manipulation. His departure from realism is via a superb treatment of tone and colour, together with expressive compositional values. Reality becomes the technical perfection of Herb Ritts and the sleight hand of Horst P. Horst. His fashion studies pry open preconceived notions and re-evaluate traditional concepts. At a time when most photographers are plagued with meaning, it is refreshing to take visual pleasure in these uncomplicated images - although simple photography, as here, is often a contradiction in terms. These images are as complex in their manufacture as the best in minimalist art.


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